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Happy Thanksgiving

Looking at the history of Thanksgiving, as children we all learned in school that this holiday was about the first meal shared in Plymouth Colony by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians and giving thanks for the “autumn harvest”. The year previously had been a tough one- a lot of sickness and scarcity so to have a great autumn harvest, was such a blessing during that time. (Seems oddly familiar in a sense, right?)


Thanksgiving tradition for most Americans has not really wavered over the years- a big feast with turkey & other traditional sides to enjoy with family and loved ones, a day of rest and  a time to reflect on all of the things we are grateful for. Even though 2020 has been a crazy year, staying in gratitude seems to be something that can help us keep moving forward. Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds us to look for all of the ways that we are blessed & one thing that seems to get overlooked is TIME. It’s free, we don’t know how much we have of it left and is something that can be given to others as a gift of love.


If you are thinking of things to do this week with family that involves spending TIME together, here are some ideas:


  • WORLD OF ILLUMINATION-Glendale & Tempe Locationsit’s the largest animated light show in the world & is synchronized to your most favorite holiday music. For more information, click here :
  • BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND AT THE QUARTER-North Scottsdale 11/27-11/28
  • All through this weekend, Scottsdale Quarter is having fun filled events to kick off the holiday season. Daily fitness events, opportunities to snap a picture with some popular holiday characters (Grinch, Mrs. Clause & Elf on the Shelf) and crafts for kids and adults! For reservations & more information, click here:
  • JAPANESE FRIENDSHIP GARDEN ILLUMINATION-Phoenix- 11/26-12/30 This isn’t your typical holiday light show-three lush acres of artistically lit pines that mimicking ancient Japanese trees along with a serene, atmosphere perfect for a quiet date. They have a  gift shop there that can spark unique, customized gifts for loved ones and Japanese sake, beer/wine & Japanese sweet and savory snacks  are available for the ultimate Japanese experience. For more information:
  • THANKSGIVING DINNER-DINING OUT OPTIONS-Phoenix & surrounding areas 11/26
  • If you are looking for an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner where you don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up, there are plenty of great options in the Valley that you can check out. For a guide on some of the best places, click here:
We are wishing you lots of health, memories made with loved ones and most importantly more TIME. Happy Thanksgiving!!!